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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cross Stitch - Working With The Needle


Working with a needle requires both skill and patience. If you know how to make cross stitch with needle and thread you will surely know that the when completed the picture look very beautiful. You must be wondering what cross stitch is about? Well let me walk you through some of the facts and figures of cross stitch.

Cross stitch is a traditional type of embroidery that can be adapted to either simple or complex designs. With the help of a needle and skeins of thread small cross stitches are made on the cross stitch fabric. Initially cross stitch were used to decorate the house linen, as pictures on the walls and to put on clothes for decoration. Even today cross stitch is used for decoration purposes but now the patterns have changed from the traditional to the innovative and stylish.

Know it better

You can take cross stitch up as a hobby. Even children can do cross stitch to show their creativity and utilize their time resourcefully. You can begin with the starters’ kit and gradually go up to a more professional looking picture or portrait. Learning cross stitch is not difficult and just about anyone can do it.

Care and maintenance

When working with cross stitch patters and samplers or as a matter of facts any kind of cross stitch one must keep in mind some important instruction regarding the material and the way to start working.

Firstly, choosing a pattern can be a tough job. There are so many in the market that you will easily get confused. Select one that suits your requirement matching with the place or décor you intend to use it. While removing the thread from the skein pull lightly to avoid getting the thread all tangled. Start with darker color and do the light one at last, this will ensure the pattern does not look dirty when completed.

Use a sharp scissors to cut the ends of the thread. This way the stitch will be neat and strong even on the reverse side and always keep a separate succors in the cross stitch box.

Before you get the cross stitch farmed make sure you’ve got it washed or dry cleaned so that the picture is clean and clearly viable when framed.

You can easily show your own creativity with cross stitch by using the cross stitch pattern design software’s available in the market.

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