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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cross Stitch a Lucky Charm

If you love to cross stitch, and you love St. Patrick's' Day, or you just love the color green, then try this.

One heart shaped cookie cutter

One Potato cut in half.

Aida cloth, or your preferred cross stitch fabric

Lots of green cross stitch threads

Green ink pad or acrylic paint. (make sure the surface of the potato is dry)

Press the heart shaped cookie cutter into the potato half, and then cut away the rest of the potato, leaving yourself a heart shaped stamp.

Dip your potato stamp onto a green stamp pad or a light layer of acrylic paint, and stamp it onto your cloth three times forming a clover with the narrow part of the heart at the center. Start with the first one at the top of the clover and the other two on each side of it. so that their narrow ends meet in the center.

You now have a three leaf clover. Now draw the stem and let dry. Cross Stitch your clover in the green of your choice, and you now have a "lucky charm".

You can incorporate this into any type of picture, you could do a collage of them, or you can do a single one. Hang it in your kitchen for "good luck".

If you have never done cross stitch, now is a good time to learn. Counted cross stitch is easy to learn, and fun, you can get some great videos that show you hands on. Then start creating your own lucky charm. learn to cross stitch with the free video, counted cross stitch is the easiest to learn, and you will be a pro in no time at all. Aricle and website by Diane Palmer, who has been in the crafts business for over 15 years..

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