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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pattern Software

This is a great article and an interesting read if you've started thinking about making your own patterns or ever wondered about going about getting started with it.

If you are an avid cross stitcher then the chances are that at some stage you will probably want a pattern that you cannot find. In this case one way you can overcome the problem is by using cross stitch pattern making software to create your own pattern based on a picture that you have seen or even by drawing the pattern yourself. Unfortunately there are also disadvantages to cross stitch pattern making software and we will consider both the advantages and disadvantages in this article.

Cross Stitch Pattern Making Software Has Made Pattern Making Much Quicker and Easier

In the past cross stitch patterns were often made using pencils and graph paper. This was very time consuming and tedious work and one that I am sure not many people today would enjoy. Fortunately cross stitch pattern making software has speeded up the process making it possible to create your own cross stitch patterns a lot quicker and more easily.

Scanned Pictures May Require Some Adjustments

What I have noticed when using cross stitch pattern making software is that if you are scanning a picture into your computer then you will often need to make certain adjustments to the colors to get it just right. I also prefer to use less colors as I find it gets too complicated when using as many colors as the picture would commonly come out at. Although these adjustments can be more time consuming they are still nothing compared to having to draw it all out on graph paper.

Cross Stitch Pattern Making Software Allows You to Make Your Own Free Patterns

The greatest advantage of cross stitch pattern making software is the flexibility that it provides to create any pattern that you wish to create. You can use any picture or even draw out anything that comes into your mind and turn it into a cross stitch pattern and you do not need to be limited by the patterns that are available on the market.

Cross stitch pattern making software is a great tool for any avid cross stitcher and allows you to make a wide range of cross stitch patterns yourself. You may need to make some adjustments to the pattern or take a little extra time on it but in the end this is worth it.

This article was written by Mandy Buchanan. Mandy is a full-time freelance writer through Elance, as well as running her own websites including Moms Working at Home and Crafty Content

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