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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to Embroider For Beginners

If you are interested in learning embroidery, then the first step is to learn about the various stitches. Once you have learnt and understood each stitch, then no matter how complex a design maybe, it is not difficult to fill it up. Ideally, you must start with a simple design and the progress towards larger designs that also require more detailing.

In this guide of how to embroider for beginners we will take a look at various embroidery stitches...

The stitches:

The line stitch: This is the stitch usually done to create the outline of a design. This is the simplest and most basic stitch also used in sewing objects. There are various line stitches, which are as follows:

Running stitch: This is also termed as the basic sewing stitch; and is also used as a decorative embroidery stitch. Right-handed individuals will work this stitch from the right to the left, or top to bottom, as required. The left-handers will ideally work from left to right, or bottom to top. This is a forward running, continuous stitch.

Whipped running stitch: In this stitch the needle has to be brought up to the point where the running stitch began. Following this the needle has to be taken down through each of the running stitches. If a contrast thread is used then the line would look like a candy.

Back stitch: This is also an outline stitch and is used for sewing objects. This is a tight stitch. With this stitch the gap in the running stitch is covered.

Outline stitch: In this type of stitch the stitches form a solid rope-like line.

Stem stitch: This is a stitch, which is tighter than the outline stitch. This stitch is ideal for creating embroidered leaves and flowers.

The other stitches include:

Coral stitch
Scroll stitch
Chained stitch
Fishbone stitch
Flat stitch
Satin stitch
Buttonhole stitch
Lazy-daisy stitch
French knot
Fly stitch

Embroidery patterns can be used to adorn any kind of dresses including wedding outfits and pageant dresses.

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