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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cross Stitch Needles

Tapestry needles are also called cross stitch needles. They are blunt-pointed so that they can pass between the threads. They also have a large eye to hold many threads of floss. They come in different thickness. You use different sized needles for various counts of fabrics. Needles for cross stitch are the smaller size - 24, 26, 28.

Over the time, especially after well used, needles will discolor and mark hands and fabric so do not leave the needle in your fabric. There are different qualities of nickel plating. It is considered that gold needles are the best as they will not discolor. However they are more expensive than nickel needles.

Different sizes below for aida and evenweave fabrics:

Needle size 18: 6 count aida fabric

Needle size 20: 8 count aida fabric

Needle size 22: 11 count aida fabric AND 22-25-27 count evenweave

Needle size 24: 14 count aida fabric AND 28 count evenweave

Needle size 26: 16 count aida fabric AND 32 count evenweave AND 22 count hardanger

Needle size 28: 18 count aida fabric AND 36-55 count evenweave

If you are not sure what size of needle to choose for your fabric here is a tip. The needle should be small enough to pass through the fabric easily but it should require a little pressure to push it through.

Tip: If you are stitching with French knots, use an embroidery needle. This is a sharp thin needle that will assist with securing the knots into the weave of the fabric. The embroidery needle also has a smaller eye than the tapestry needle.

I hope you found this information useful when choosing needles for your cross stitch projects.

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